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Safety & Health Management Systems

Safety & Health Management SystemsThe Safety and Health Management System is a systematic process for managing workplace safety and health, providing for goal setting, planning, performance measurements, and clear management commitments and direction. Safety and Health Management Systems are mandatory for the workplaces listed below.

  • Any premises which is a worksite.
  • Any premises which is a shipyard.
  • Any factory engaged in the manufacturing of fabricated metal products, machinery or equipment and in which 100 or more persons are employed.
  • Any factory engaged in the processing or manufacturing of petroleum, petroleum products, petrochemicals or petrochemical products.
  • Any premises where the bulk storage of toxic or flammable liquid is carried on by way of trade or for the purpose of gain and which has a storage capacity of 5,000 or more cubic metres for such toxic or flammable liquid.
  • Any factory engaged in the manufacturing of —
    (a) fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride or carbon monoxide; and
    (b) synthetic polymers.
  • Any factory engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products or their intermediates.
  • Any factory engaged in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers

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Integral to the Safety and Health Management System is risk assessment. All workplaces must conduct risk assessments to identify the source of risks and shall take all reasonably practicable steps to eliminate any foreseeable risk to any person who may be affected by the undertaking in the workplace. Where it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate the risk, other reasonably practicable measures must be taken to minimise the risk.

Risk assessment, together with communication of risks, review and monitoring of the risk assessment, is part of the risk management process. Please refer to the next section for more details on risk management. 

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