• 80% of the course fee will be refunded, if cancellation is done 3 days before commencing of course using form (CA-P-15-F-01).
    • 50% of the course fee will be refunded, if cancellation is done 1 day before commencing of course using form (CA-P-15-F-01).
    • No amount will be refunded, if the trainee fails to attend the course on the commencement date or attend the course and discontinued mid-way through course.
    • If the participant decides to change the date to next run he/she shall decide so, subject to Ever Safe approval.
    • Refund exceptions are at companyís complete discretion.
    • Processing time for refund is 7 working days.

    • When the participant/learners disagree with evaluation or they feel they are assessed not fairly and results being certified as failed. He / She shall appeal against his/her results by using form (CA-P-15-F-02).
    • The Admin receive the request shall process and fees for re-assessment shall be collected from participant according to company policy and conditions.
    • The Director (Training & Development) shall identify and assign the independent assessor for fair evaluation. The independent assessor shall possess knowledge, skill and experience and MOM approved trainer.
    • The independent assessor shall give the results fairly that is approved by Managing Director. The outcome of the result is final.
    • This result shall be made known to learner/participant by Admin Officer and sign the form to close the issue.