Workplace Safety and Health (Level B) Course- WSH

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    Workplace Safety and Health (Level B) Course- WSH S$ 2000.00 Total: 200 hrs, includes Assmnt 25

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    For Whom

    The WSQ Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (Level B) course is designed for the individuals who play the role of supervisor with assigned coordinator role in WSH responsibilities.

    Assumed Skills, Knowledge & Entry Requirement

    • ES WSQ WPLN Level 5 or GCE “N” Levels in English (Level -5) & Mathematics (Level–5)
    • Passed (BCSS/ SSSC/OPISC/BISH/BCSS(Tunneling)) courses with preferably 1 years ofrelevant working experience in WSH
    Course Overview

    Participants of Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety & Health will acquire the WSH knowledge and skills for fulfilling the role of a coordinatorin line with WSH. Participants also learn the relevant WSH Regulations and transform the key competencies as a WSH coordinator.

    Course Content

  • Compulsory Core Units
  • Administer WSH Policy
  • Identify WSH Hazards and Implement Control Measures
  • Coordinate WSH Management System with Legal Compliance
  • Investigate and Report WSH Incidents
  • Coordinate Implementation of Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans
  • Measure, Monitor and Report WSH Performance
  • Promote WSH Culture Development
  • Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace (ES WSQ)

  • Elective Units

    • Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Supervisory Level (ES WSQ)
    • **Supervise Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant (Also known as Oil/Petrochemical Industry Safety Course for Supervisors – OPISC)

    Note: **The above module have the exemption credit if the participants complete the following courses (BCSS/SSSC/OPISC/BISH/BCSS(T))


    Participants who achieved 75% attendance and certified competent will receive 9 WSQ statement of attainment (SOA) and full certification by WDA.