Construction Safety Course for Project Managers - CSCPM

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    Construction Safety Course for Project Managers - CSCPM S$ 350.00 Total:34.0 hrs, includes Assmnt: 4hrs 20

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    CSCPM CRS-N-0025275 $350.00 Under Processing 34
    Legal Requirement

    Any person who is appointed as a Project Manager to be in charge of all construction activities in building and engineering construction worksites of a contract sum of $10 million or more have to attend and pass the “Construction Safety Course for Project Managers” before undertaking such project.

    For Whom:

    Chairman for safety committee, project managers, project directors, construction managers, project engineers in the construction industry.

    Assumed Skills, Knowledge & Entry Requirement:

    • Participant must hold the position of Chairman of Safety Committee, Project Manager, Project Engineer,Superintendent or equivalent. (Note: Participant has to produce a company letter to verify his/her designation)
    • Knowledge of the construction industry activities
    • WPLN 6 (or) Equivalence
    Course Overview:

    By the end of the course, participants besides helping their companies meet the MOM requirements, will also be familiarized with safety and health legislation, safety and health hazards in the construction industry, prevention of accidents at construction site and be equipped with the abilities to implement and audit the Safety Management system.

    Course Content

    • Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006
    • Subsidiary legislations pertaining to construction
    • Relevant codes of practice for the construction industry
    • Role of project manager
    • Potential hazards: falling from heights, struck by falling objects, electrical hazards, struck by machinery, struck against protruding objects, fire, storage and handling of hazardous substances, health hazards.
    • Safety programme for working at height, mechanical & electrical works, mechanical material handling,
    • scaffolding and excavation
    • Occupational health programme
    • Safety and helath management system
    • Risk management
    • Accident prevention
    • Accident reporting procedures
    • Safety and health audit
    Certification :

    Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a certificate of achievement endorsed by Ever Safe Cousultants Pte. Ltd. will be issued to all participants.